The best way to get the most out of your heating and cooling systems is to have them regularly serviced. This will maintain their cleanlieness and efficiency, as well as warn you if any problems start to arise (before it is too late!)
Energy Safe Victoria recommends that all gas heaters should be serviced and tested for carbon monoxide at least every two years. This needs to be done by a licensed plumber and gas fitter.
 An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases (costing you more in the long run). It is also recommended these are serviced every 2 years as a minimum.
All units are serviced to the manufacturers instructions, making each service unique to the make and model. We have experience servicing all brands and models on the market – current and superseded models.

Single head refrigerated split system A/C general servicing
1 unit $179
Additional units serviced on the same day will be charged at $150 each

Duration: 45 minutes

Consists of:

This includes a full safety check of indoor and outdoor units for correct fan function and operation

All internal components are inspected

Indoor unit filters are cleaned

Internal heating and cooling coils freed from dust and refreshed with antibacterial solution

Indoor plastic cover wiped and cleaned with antibacterial wipes

Refrigerant pressure levels checked for normal operation

Heating and cooling cycles tested.

Outdoor unit cooling coil brushed and cleaned free from dust and cobwebs

If your system is not blowing cold air a number of reasons could be contributing to this. A service call out will be required and a series of tests to diagnose the issue and determine the cause will need to be performed. This will incur a call-out fee.

Evaporative cooler servicing $200 (Single story houses only)

Duration: 45 minutes

Consists of:

Full safety check of all internal components including water pump, fan cycle, water dumping valve

Fan checked for balance and correct operation

Control board and capacitor inspected for wear and tear or signs of malfunction

 Filter pads washed 

Internal water tank cleaned and treated with antibacterial solution

Unit is tested at maximum capacity

*evaporative cooler filter pad replacements fully installed start from $499

Central or ducted heating unit servicing $200

Duration: 45 minutes

Consisting of:

Full gas leakage test of heater pipeline

C02 Carbon monoxide gas check

Inspection of ductwork and outlets

Inspection of all working components and tested accordingly

Return air filter cleaned or replaced if needed* (*if this is required it will incur a filter charge)

 Thermostat temperature test

Emergency gas shut off valve operational test

Flu / chimney in good working order, sealed and exhausting

Servicing guidelines provided by Energy Australia – Picture provided by JESHOOTS and used under CC0 license