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It seems like our heating and cooling decides to stop running at the most inconvenient time for us – and that typically comes on the most extreme weather day of the year! Luckily, we are predictable, unlike  Melbourne weather.
Booking a diagnostic call out with us ensures you a qualified technician will turn up when we say we will!
Before you book, have a read of some commonly asked questions. Unfortunately, there is no way to self-diagnose a problem with a heating or cooling unit, so you will need someone to come out and do that for you.
It is difficult to know when an air conditioner will give up or is on it’s last legs. Even harder to tell is when it will become completely unusable, but unfortunately it is a very real possibility if you are running an older air conditioner – especially one that’s been around more than 10 years. Scroll through the tabs below to read about 4 common problems we encounter when diagnosing unit faults.

Your air conditioning unit can produce a large amount of condensation, depending on the outside conditions. Some air conditioners have an electric condensate pump with tubing that can wear, crack or clog with algae, dirt or ice.

More problems are likely to occur if you let your air conditioner run over lengthy periods without being maintained. As time elapses, the chances of a fault increase. Problems can begin to compound, negatively affecting the efficiency and operation of your system. Predictable cost Routine air conditioner service or a new air conditioning system at an inconvenient time.

Wear and tear is commonly seen in the compressor and fan controls, or several other important components might be affected. When your system cycles on and off repeatedly there is a small amount stress placed on these internal parts, causing improper operation or premature failure over time.

From an empty battery to an un-calibrated thermostat sensor, there are a large number of thermostat problems that could occur. If its been a while since you last swapped your thermostat batteries, it might pay to do so in order to avoid any problems with the settings you have in place or eliminate user-serviceable problems.